Although the weather in Ireland can be gloomy the amount of solar energy available is often underestimated. Ireland actually benifits from the same amount of annual solar radiation as parts of France, Austria and Germany where Solar hot water systems are common practice. With this energy abundantly available it makes great sense to get your hot water FREE from the sun. With a Kingspan Solar hot water system from Base Engineering you can enjoy savings of up to 70% on your hot water use and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. There are also SEAI Grants available for up to €880 on installations to existing domestic buildings under the Better Energy Homes Scheme.



Base Engineering work closely with Kingspan Solar to offer individually designed solar solutions to suit everything from a  retro-fit to a domestic house to a large industrial or commercial application such as a hotel, sports club or school. We offer a full sizing service to provide recommendations for systems that will satisfy Part L and SEAI Grant requirements. All of our systems are designed and set up on commissioning to be self sufficient and use temperature limiting devices which leaves them virtually maintenance free.


Base Engineering offer various versatile roof mounting options for flat panels and evacuated tubes which allow a discreet out of view installation where preferred. We can also offer different cylinder and buffer options to allow Solar to contribute to your central heating and control options that include facility to monitor and store data from a solar control panel to an SD Card or broadcast to a wireless picture frame for display.


Base Engineering provide a maintenance & fault finding service on all makes and models of System and provide a full report for each visit. CONTACT US now for further information.