Base Engineering have a wealth of experience in the design and installation of Heatpump Systems. Our personnel have been involved in some of the most notable domestic and commercial in Ireland and continue to work with manufacturers such as Panasonic at the cutting edge of the Renewable Energy field.

A Heatpump will not suit every project we can design systems around Underfloor Heating, SmartRads and even standard radiators. As part of our service we will initially carry out a feasibility survey to provide the client with set up and running costs. If they are happy to proceed we can work with the architects, engineers and other contractors on site to carry their project from the design stage right through to being commissioned by the manufacturer’s engineer to ensure that the highest standards are maintained and that the Heatpumps warranty is issued without delay. As with all our products, our Heatpump installations are accompanied by full after sales training, after sales support and servicing that we are very proud of.

Heatpumps produce significantly more renewable energy (up to 5 times) than the electricity required to power them, saving you money.  Because they operate at between 55 and 70 degrees centigrade, they work best with low temperature heating systems such as Underfloor Heating and Dimplex SmartRads, which can heat your home effectively at lower water temperatures that conventional radiators.

How do Heatpumps work?

Air To Water Heatpumps are highly efficient and environmentally friendly machines, the outdoor unit captures energy from the air outside and transfers it to heat the water to increase the temperature of your underfloor heating and radiators to warm up your home, as well as heating your hot water, up to 80% of the energy that is required to do this is taken from the air, this principle works even in the middle of winter at outdoor temperatures as low as -20°C.

Low Ownership Costs

Low fuel costs are only part of the story.  Unlike gas and oil-based systems, heat pumps require no costly regular maintenance or annual safety inspections. A heat pump has a reasonable life expectancy of 20 – 25 years, typically twice that of a boiler, this allows the investment costs to be recovered over a longer period meaning the ownership costs over the working life of the system are demonstrably lower.

Benefits of choosing a Panasonic Air to Water Heatpump:

  • Can be utilised all year round
  • Provide an unlimited source of heat (outside air)
  • Are typically less expensive to install compared to other heating systems
  • Suitable for retro fit and new build applications, and in areas where space is limited
  • Reduce energy bills and improve the energy classification of a building
  • Very low noise emissions and reduced heating time
  • Minimal maintenance due to efficient design

Base Engineering work closely with Panasonic and install Heatpumps on most of our projects, the machines come in a wide range from 3 to 16kW, single and three phase, mono-bloc and bi-bloc. 


A Mono-Bloc air to water heat pump consists of a single outside unit that contains a heat exchanger and compressor. In this Mono-Bloc unit the heat is extracted from the air, transferred to the refrigerant, the refrigerant is compressed up to a higher temperature and the heat from the refrigerant is passed to the water that circulates to and from the heating and hot water system inside the house. This is ideal when space inside the house is restricted.


A Bi-Bloc/split is a two-part air to water heat pump which consists of an outdoor unit, with heat exchanger, fan unit and compressor connected by refrigerant pipe to an indoor unit, with heat exchanger. The outdoor unit extracts energy from the air and transfers this energy to the refrigerant in the system. The refrigerant is then compressed up to a high temperature and is circulated to the indoor unit which has a heat exchanger that takes the high temperature heat from the refrigerant and passes it to the water, this then circulates to the heating and hot water system.

All in One Bi-Bloc:

The All in One Bi-Bloc system combines the indoor unit with a compact 185 litre stainless steel domestic hot water storage tank. Based on the Bi-Bloc model the outdoor unit is connected to the indoor All in One unit using piping charged with refrigerant.

The indoor unit has an improved square design with white goods finish that is designed to be compact and save space. It is also designed to be easy to install and maintain with easy access piping and electrical connections. It comes with an integrated remote control which can be installed up to 50m from the indoor unit and can function as a room thermostat.

3 types of Heatpump:

  • the Standard Heat Pump
  • the High temperature Heat Pump (output water temperature of 65°C)
  • the Total capacity Heat Pump even at -20ºC

The Panasonic Aquarea air to water heat pump offers homeowners comfort, efficiency and low energy costs while being clean, safe and environmentally friendly. Panasonic air to water heat pumps are innovative low-energy systems, designed to provide ideal temperatures and hot water in the home, even with extremely low outdoor temperatures.